Making Democracy Work

Making Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. It neither opposes nor endorses candidates or political parties.
FALL PROGRAMS: We are planning a program on the 2020 census for September 24. Our speaker will be Chloe Updegraff, Regional Census Hub Coordinator for the Great Lakes Bay Region. On October 16 we will join with the Chippewa Nature Center to present a program on renewable energy. Midland videographer Peter Sinclair will be the speaker. Check our calendar below for time and place.

YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS: Our 2019 "Your Elected Officials" can be found under that heading below. Office holders from U.S. President to area school board members are listed with contact information. Free printed copies of the YEO pamphlet are at the Grace A. Dow library.

REDISTRICTING: Will Michigan districts be redrawn in time for the 2020 election? (In our last election, Michigan voters passed Proposal 3 requiring redistricting, however Prop. 3 will not take effect before 2021.)

Right now we are waiting for a Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering. This decision on redistricting cases out of North Carolina and Maryland will soon be announced. It will impact the ruling by federal district judges that Michigan state and congressional district maps must be redrawn before the 2020 election. Michigan League of Women Voters and 11 individuals went to court last year over the current district maps, which were drawn in 2011. Their case claimed many voting districts in Michigan were gerrymandered, including Midland's. Read more here , here and here. Our local LWV member and treasurer, Karen Sherwood, testified at the hearings. Read her writeup of the event under "Timely League Issues" below.

VOTING RIGHTS: The Secretary of State published information about new Michigan voting rights: Check information for voters here. More on your voting rights here.

HOUSING: An overview including three main challenges of housing in our county can be read here. A two-page census overview of Midland County, published by the Michigan League for Public Policy, can be viewed here.

EDUCATION: The Education Trust- Midwest, a nonpartisan research organization, published an education report, "Michigan's Talent Crisis: The Economic Case for Rebuilding Michigan's Broken Public Education System." Read it here

FOR ALL MEMBERS: Impact on Issues, a guide to public policy positions held by the League of Women Voters, can be accessed here.


Our original website was created in 1998 with gifts made in memory of Mary Dee Rieke, a founding member of the LWV of the Midland Area, our second president, and an active participant in League throughout her life. We remember her with gratitude.