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50th Birthday Party, February 18, 2019

50th Anniversary Party
Despite ice & snow, and a change of date, the 50th Anniversary Party was held Monday, Feb 18. We celebrated with socializing, singing and cake, followed by a champagne toast.

Many thanks to Heather DeGroot and The Howling Babes - Nancy Bramblett, Julie Ortiz and Carol McPherson for entertainment, to Judy Donahue, Judy McDowell, Sandra Haughton, Carol McPherson, Kim Steinke, Sandy Collinson, and Carol Swinehart for planning and execution.

Program of the 50th Birthday Party

Birthday Party Invitation

History poster Kim Steinke Kathy Miller, Judy McDowell, Cindy LeVasseur Katherine Redwine, President Kathy Miller, Cindy LeVasseur Sandy Haughton, Judy Donahue The Howling Babes with Heather DeGroot Joe & Cindy Weir Birthday Celebration Toast The Afterparty Birthday Cake