Making Democracy Work


The positions on Midland County Government (1973, 1979, 1983, 1991) were consolidated and approved by the 1992 Annual Meeting. Amended 2006.

The League of Women Voters of the Midland Area supports efficiency and citizen participation in Midland County government. We strongly encourage cooperation among all units of government within the county, especially between Midland City and County.

We encourage the Board of Commissioners to focus on setting policies and priorities.

We support adherence to rules and policies which promote effective and orderly governance by the Board such as:

1. Regular review and adoption of rules and policies.
2. Orderly procedures and assignment of responsibilities in budget preparation and implementation:

a. The Board is responsible for establishing priorities and adopting or changing the budget.
b. The Administrator/controller and department heads are responsible for implementing the budget.

3. The adoption of an annual capital improvements budget with the same procedure including citizen participation at public hearings, as for the operating budget.

We recommend increased emphasis on long-range planning.

We believe that the Board of Commissioners should promote communication with the general public.

We recommend that:

1. The agenda of Board meetings be publicized in advance;
2. Minutes of Board meetings be published promptly;
3. Other reports, such as standing committee minutes, department reports and financial reports be readily available on request;
4. All meetings of the Board of Commissioners and of the standing committees be open to the public with as few exceptions as possible for the discussion of such matters as personnel or real estate transactions.
5. The Board hold well advertised public hearings in addition to the regular public comment period during Board meetings prior to making any major policy decisions.