Making Democracy Work


Adopted 1984, Revised 2012

The League of Women Voters of the Midland area affirms the importance of a professional police force with a positive relationship between the Midland Police Department and the community.

We support:

1. Competitive wage and benefit packages for police personnel;
2. A satisfactory department promotion system;
3. Consideration of pre-employment personality profile screening as an additional hiring tool;
4. Encouragement of continuing education with the police department, including bonuses and payment of fees.
5. In-service training and seminars for all police personnel, provided by qualified instructors;
6. Additional training beyond the minimum basic training curriculum recommended by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, in dealing with such situations as family violence, juvenile crime, rape, developmentally and emotionally impaired individuals;
7. Encouragement of police officers to work toward academic degrees;
8. Coordinated efforts between the police department and other law enforcement and community agencies;
9. A separate juvenile office, as per state regulations;
10. A designated crime prevention program with adequate funding for the required staff;
11. Positive police visibility in the schools and the community;
12. A communications policy that balances the rights of the community to public information with individual rights to privacy and legal protection.