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August Primary - Midland County Candidates and ballot issues

Races/Candidates: Based on candidate filings for the Primaries, here are the local races:

City Council Ward 1: Top two vote-getters move to general election in November

Pam Hall
John Metevia
Jeremy Rodgers

Wards 2, 3, 4 and 5 incumbents running uncontested.

County Commissioners

District 3

Steve Glaser (R) incumbent
Chloe Updegraff (D)
District 5

Jim Geisler (R) incumbent
Jeff Havens (D)

Districts 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 incumbents running uncontested.

State Representative 98th District: Top Republican vote-getter moves to general election in November.

Annette Glenn (R)
Carl Hamann (R)

Sarah Schulz (D)

State Senate 36th District

Jim Stamas (R)
Joe Weir (D)

42nd Circuit Court Judge Steve Carras (incumbent)

County Probate Judge Dorene Allen (incumbent)

There will be at least five ballot issues, all millage renewals, on the August Primary ballot. Voters will decide on:

1), a 1.0 millage renewal for county roads.
2) a 0.9 millage renewal for Senior Services of Midland County.
3) a 0.65 mill four-year renewal for Emergency Medical Services.
4) a 1.5 mills Midland County Educational Service Agency (ESA) regional enhancement five-year (2019-2023) millage renewal.
5) a 0.3 mill four-year renewal for gypsy moth suppression.

Vote 411


Welcome to Vote411, a comprehensive source of election information, developed by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF). Nonpartisan information on candidates and ballot proposals for the 2016 local and general elections

State-specific voter registration requirements, election dates, and local polling addresses are also available on the site. You can also print out a Voter Registration application from the site.

To find your information, select Michigan as the state on the tab titled "On Your Ballot," and click on "GO." Enter the street, city and zip code in the "Personalized Ballot" box then follow the cues.

state-wide ballot proposals for November 2018


We will decide ballot issues as well as candidates at the voting booth this November. Petitions for at least eight measures are being circulated and many will garner enough signatures to earn their place on the ballot One group, Voters Not Politicians, turned in over 425,000 signatures for the ballot proposal to amend the Michigan constitution to create an independent commission to redraw the lines, every ten years, for congressional and legislative districts. This is more than enough to assure a spot on the 2018 ballot. At a special LWVMI Board meeting on December 17, the Michigan League of women Voters voted to support the VNP ballot proposal. Read more about this issue at

The Michigan League of Women Voters supports and is circulating petitions for a constitutional amendment, Promote the Vote to provide election reform. When this amendment gets on the ballot and passes, it will make it easier for Michigan residents to vote in elections. It will give all registered voters the choice to vote absentee ballot, give military members more time to vote, let citizens register closer to election day, allow straight party voting, automatically register citizens when they do business at the Secretary of State's office, protect a secret ballot and add audits for election results. The Michigan LWV is part of a coalition including the Michigan ACLU and the state and Detroit chapters of the NAACP promoting this ballot issue. For more information go to and the website of the State of Michigan League of Women Voters

To read about other possible ballot issues: click this overview from Bridge Magazine: The Bridge.

Meridian Public School election results

The Meridian Public Schools bond issue passed by six votes in the Tuesday, May 8 bond election, according to unofficial results.

The total unofficial votes were 873 supporting and 867 against the 25-year bond proposal of 1.18 mills. There will be a recount to make sure the election results are accurate.

The bond will raise an estimated $20.33. The Meridian district proposed the bond issue for the purpose of facility, site, technology and transportation improvements. Last year, voters in the Meridian Public Schools district rejected a similar bond proposal by the slim margin of four votes.

The Midland Area LWV supported the bond issue.